What do I need to know about airsoft?
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Postby muckymick » Fri Sep 08, 2017 8:27 pm

Minimum age to play is 11
The Marshalls are there for your safety and to ensure your enjoyment of the game. Obey their instructions. Do not shoot them. They are easily spotted by flourescent clothing.

Eye protection is to be worn in the game area at all times. No excuses. (Personally I recommend full face masks)

Magazines are to be removed from weapons before entering the safe zone. Weapons are to be fired to clear the breaches before entering the safe zone.

No dry firing in the safe zone.

On hearing the emergency command "STOP" all weapons are to be placed on the ground. Players to remain in position and await further instructions.

FPS limits for weapons.

AEG 350fps

Semi auto AEG 450 fps 20 meter minimum engagement range

Single /Bolt action 500 fps 25 meter minimum engagement range

Blind Firing (That is point a gun around a corner/over a wall and blazing away without looking) is not permitted as you cannot see where your shots fall. This applies equally to pyro.

Head shots are to be avoided, although head shots do count.

Pyro is limited to Mk 5s , smokes and BB grenades. If bringing your own it is to be cleared by the site staff.

No-one is to play who has not signed in. This not only ensures you've paid, but been briefed and had any medical issues cleared.

Boots covering the ankle are to be worn to prevent injury on uneven ground.

The "call hit" rule. A summary.

if you are close enough to touch someone or have them dead to rights from behind at close range, it is sporting to give them a chance to take the hit by saying "call the hit", it gives them the chance to avoid a painful close range shot. If they do not immediately take it you are of course free to shoot. (I recommend having your gun on them at the time)


say it to someone who is facing you or has a fair chance of shooting back and expect them to take the hit

say it from anything other than point blank range

say it to a crowd. One of them may well decide to shoot back

say "bang". This is unclear, not accepted and will lead to you getting shot. Do not complain if you get shot!

Do not overkill. If a single shot is sufficient there is no requirement to empty a magazine into someone.

If hit, call "hit" loudly and lower your weapon. Do not assume if you are still being fired at that you have been heard. Leave the area quickly to the spawn or safe area.

Do not shoot "dead" players.

Verbal / physical abuse is not tolerated. If you have a problem with a players conduct bring it to the attention of a marshall. Starting an argument is never productive and just spoils the game for other players not involved.

Calling hits. If in doubt, call it. If you are uncertain then you were probably hit. You are likely to be applauded for sportsmanship and it is far better to be remembered as a good player than someone who cheated at any opportunity.

The bottom line is PLAY SAFE, PLAY FAIR, and PLAY HARD BUT SENSIBLY! Breaching safety rules is likely to get you removed from site permanently as everyone else wishes to be able to continue playing!

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