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Re: Nsc airsoft site membership

Postby muckymick » Mon Aug 26, 2013 10:02 am

Nsc airsoft is a fully insured ukara recognised game site that runs a membership scheme in order that nsc airsoft members that actively play at Nsc airsoft can receive a discount in walk on fees.
It is the membership player number issued by Nsc airsoft that is recorded on the Ukara database NOT a number issued by ukara and it defently is not a licence.
When an individual player buys membership from Nsc airsoft they do so in order to receive a discount in game day walk on fees ,this is the only reason that the Nsc airsoft membership scheme is run .
When players buy membership of Nsc airsoft it does not give them the automatic right to have a ukara form validated by Nsc airsoft in order for that players details and player number to be recorded on the Ukara database or for that player details and player membership number to remain on the Ukara database should they no longer play actively at Nsc airsoft.
Membership is valid for 12 months and player membership number remain active on the UKARA database for 12 months from start date when you became a member of nsc airsoft.
Your defence to the vcra act is you actively skirmish at an insured game site and the player membership number recorded on the UKARA database makes it easier for UK airsoft retailer to check this .
The UKARA database is there to protect the retailer from prosecution as it is illegal to sell an airsoft rifs to some one that is not part of the vcra exempt group , having a player number recorded on the UKARA database allows UK airsoft retailers to check you are part of the exempt group and entitled to be sold an airsoft rif/gun.
Ukara is just a retail tool it is not a licence or you defence to the vcra act 2006

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